Thursday, July 30, 2009

Must have...collage bookmark

Often when I'm reading a book which I like, I feel that I need to make an image to complement to story.
Today I am reading this mystery. It features one of my totem images, a crow or blackbird.

This morning while checking on my little garden, I found the small black feather. (It has purple highlights). So I brought it in and went through my collage materials to see what I could do for a bookmark. Corrugated cardboard and a short purple ribbon for a start. I used craft glue and attached the feather.

Now to decorate the reverse, smooth side...I found a small etching of a birds, a stamp with a woman's head, and two rubber stamps to use. The first is the silhouette of the crow, the other parts of a woman's face.
Now, I can get back to the story, and I'll have a great bookmark to keep me on the right page!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A thoughtful artist friend

Out in my mailbox just now, I found this lovely collage card from Janet Briggs , a blogging artist friend!
Thank-you, Janet! What a bright spot in my day!