Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Little Green doll from Lisa (Oceandreamer)

This is the doll I got from Lisa today!!!!!!
We have to look closely to find her.... her story...
"As the snow melted Little Green sat on the log with those she loved. The forest felt cool and damp but they could sense Spring. Little Green, in order to keep safe, blended into her surroundings. She was very loyal to the woodland creatures and they to her. When encountering a human her face cannot be seen but you may hear her wings....!!!!!!"
She is delightful! ......sitting on a fallen log, with lots of birds and bird nests, even one for a hat!
I love her, Lisa!

Inner Child doll

A well-used inner child from a long childhood....doll by Lizzzzzzy

inner child doll pix

This is a drawing of the inner child doll I made for myself. My childhood was full and ended late. So my doll is a bit worn out.
She is 'aged' on purpose.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fern finds a nest

This is Fern, she is a woodland sprite who spends much of her happy time scampering around the forest floor.

Today she found a nest which had fallen out of the tree. Luckly, no eggs were broken!

She is about to fly up and return the nest, making sure it is secure this time and will not be blown out by any of the blustery winds we have been having just now!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Visual journal pages

Here we have my "day off today" page...the clock a favorite motif, and unstructured time is a challenge on a true day off. I did 2 chores...made the bed, and boiled eggs for dying. No chocolate bunnies for must be very dark chocolate these days. Coffee and blogging research on the sun/moon sign combination. The round grapefruit is reminescent of the moon and of the clock and besides, it is a fantastic color!!!!

This is a playful page, not polished, just pasted...wrapping paper scrap from trash bin at the department store where I work...article on natural dyes for eggs and some of my china.

These are 2 pages I have worked on lately...I must say doing a blog uses much the same creative energy as doing visual journals.

The first is a dream of a sunny breakfast nook with colors inspired by Monets' kitchen...I have collected yellow china to give this look to the blue wall in my nook!

the second page has my new "indigo" watercolor tube paint floating around to make a night sky....and a sketch of a hare as I have recently learned that the folklore of hares is related to moon mythology.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lasting Source

An ATC and a 4X4 sent to Janet with the moon goddess doll....
These are simple and done on watercolor backgrounds.