Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home at last!

The package was delivered yesterday! It contained my round robin art journal from the ART SAVES group with Carmen. {Yes, I scribbled with photoshop to hide the address!]

This past winter, I had sent my canvas journal on its way with this collaged cover. [above]

Inside, "Take Joy" my collage on both pages. A hanging envelope holds cards where the other artists signed in to work on the book!

These wonderful tags! Thank-you all for doing these! Love them all with the litte trims.

Turning the page , a collage by me, "Just her type" across from one by Shari with a 3-dimensional dragon fly, the page is edged with sparkly ribbon and crocheted cotton lace. Her's says "Life is Fun" and shows a girl making huge bubbles!

Then, Susie worked out a special collage for me with a bird in a wonderful original nest and an inspiring egg! Wonderful textures and I like the pink!
Across from it is Ileana's offering from art class. A live model and time to draw!
That is something I would love to do again !(the drawing, not the modeling, LOL!)

The double page from Carmen is loaded with delights for those of us who enjoy sewing and fashion! The dangling wooden spool, hooks and eyes and needles are collaged with vintage crochet, lace, and pattern pieces on a floral fabric background! Wow!

Two pages from Gemma feature decades of fashion, art and glamour! I love the pink feathered hat!

Karen gifts me with a collage of a cottage with a wonderful blue door, and the strong inner spirit found through meditation and delight in nature! Inpiring, truly!

Artist Doreen, our mandala artist designed a special mandala for each of us. Mine is "BE", something I am trying to learn! This page really glows!
There are still a couple of blank pages in the book, so I can finish it soon!

These are the inside pages of the back cover, which I did before sending it. "Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations" --Faith Baldwin.
Thanks to all who worked on these pages, we found that ART SAVES through recycling and by helping our souls weather life's changes!