Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Penny the Playful

This is the art/healing doll made for me by Ninnie...the first month of our doll exchange!

I love her, we went for a weekly walk...Finding water program...

She has healing hand snad ca=dancing feet and a guardian angel behind her! She came with a card, encouraging playful activities!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This may still be a work in progress....I had to try my new tube of turquoise watercolor paint in my Moleskine...LOVE the color!

Monday, February 05, 2007

More ATCs

These are 3 more little ATC's available for trading...I'll try to finish and post some more in the next few days...I'm off to work now!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Romance will Flourish

This is today's page from my Moleskine journal....all red and pink for February!

Two new dolls

These two dolls are just finished.
Busy Bee has the wildest life you can imagine! She never stops, she wears her heart on her sleeve...she is the Queen of everything and the Princess of Quite a Lot!!!!! (Which in her case is probably too much!) The bird's nest in her hair represents all of the future ideas waiting to hatch! She collects things, loves color, art supplies, sewing...anything creative! I know her very well because I am a lot like that!Her handknit sweater is a "coat of many colors" because she just can't decide which color she likes! She has sparkly aqua sequins for eyes and pink star-flower earrings.
Her striped and polkadot body is stuffed with polyfil and SAGE (for clear thinking).

The Blue moon faced doll is a contemplative crone. She is centuries old and holds deep wisdom...much of it intuitive.... the pearl she holds represents that wisdom, and the amethyst on her forehead (a 3rd eye...or the one-eyed crone?) will help her to be calm and centered. Her clothes and body are blue...midnight , royal, indigo the satin skirt has a dusting of celestial stars and the overskirt represents mists that sometimes cloud our understanding. She wears an indigo handknit sweater because knitting is an ancient art and helps to calm and "center" the knitter. Her body is stuffed with polyfil and lavendar for peace and calm. She is what I hope to grow into!