Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Two scans from the altered book page I did today. The book had the word "Rose", so of course, I couldn't resist!
The word "garden" is also in the text.

I made a machine stitched pink tagboard envelope, then attached it with a ribbon between the pages to hold a bouquet of roses for the book's owner.

This is a scan of the double page without the hanging envelope. It is all about gardens and roses with a chair and some birds and china in there too! I am just so literal sometimes....the green filigree background is a rubber stamp.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Swashbuckling Soiree

A gathering of the most adventurous spirits on the high seas!!!! Hosted by Donna OBrien of The Ribboned Crown .

Our ruthless cut and paste queen has created these collages to celebrate the soiree!

The first uses the glitter of pirates' treasure to lure you aboard....even to the ruby in the skull on the invitation. Blood red roses and dripping pomegranates with jewel-like seeds are there to seduce your senses!

Opening the invitation reveals a swashbuckling Captain Hook, a parrot and the Sweet Potato Queen(in a glass of red wine) who is saying, "You were expecting, maybe, Johnny Depp?"

Note the instructions to "Lift" the wine glass...

Doing so reveals more pirates and parrots and our beloved Jack Sparrow who is ordering "drinks all 'round!"
With company and crew like this, the soiree will be unforgettable! (Don't you dare wear a glum expression or the scissor-wielding artiste will cut out your liver faster than Tinkerbell can escape from the bottle!)