Monday, March 21, 2011

Mixed Media Collage class continues

Start with a watercolor paper (140lb) painted background (square. mine is 10")

Add small squares of fabric, attach with matte medium, and top with assorted fabric shapes....

Cover with a gesso wash. Remove the shapes from the surface, and see how they masked the gesso from the original fabric.

Cut into 4 smaller squares, add quarter circles of assorted papers and fabrics.....

Wait for next week's lesson on sewing it all together! LOL!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All in process...unfinished...

These collages are all on gessoed canvas. or denim....sometimes scraps stitched together first.

I'm learning a lot but still don't know where/how to use it all....we have 4 more classes. I'm sure these will change.....

Friday, March 11, 2011

on-line collage class

Lesson 2

Tracing my raven drawing......then choose from the gessoed watercolor paper backgrounds I made last week.

I like the one with orange, red and green.

Apply the tissue raven to the background, add more collage with magazine paper, get a little tired of tearing magazine "feathers". I cut a wing out of batik fabric and used black and green acrylics to paint the raven....drying now. We'll see how this evolves! [shadow of my arm in the photo....I kind of like that!]

Another collage in progress on cloth background....hence the wrinkles...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Taking a great class on mixed medium collage!

This is the first week of the collage class with Jane La Fazio. It is offered through

We gessoed watercolor paper and canvas (which had been stitched together). Then we played with acrylic paints to make backgrounds.
I like all mine, but this little indigo has a Japanese feel, wabi sabi. I really like it!

Jane also showed us how to design and cut stencils from freezer paper which will be used later as the collage elements build.

I'll be back to show how these collages develope as the class progresses!